Fiona Ward Tynan

Successfully supporting outcome oriented adjustment and adaptation in emotional, physical and mental states for over 20 years.

Core Beliefs

  • You can develop or adopt a philosophy that has all the hallmarks of higher health and consciousness but it’s how you attend to the minutiae of your day-to-day life that speaks to who you really are.
  • You and I are already whole and entire and any difficulties and deficiencies we experience are largely due to a lack of access to our own innate knowledge –

Work Style

I am tenacious in my pursuit of your goals and work with your mandate to achieve your desired outcome. Within that directive, my approach is defined by:

  • Humanistic Psychology (Rogerian Approach)
  • Neurolinguistic Processing;
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; and
  • Transactional Analysis (family, relationships, career and general interactions)

Fiona Ward Tynan


Having studied at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle I worked at applying the principles of 5-element Chinese medicine, using indigenous medicinal herbs, for a period of more than 17 years in the U.S. and Ireland. During that time I became aware that my greatest successes were in situations where emotional or mental dissonance was at the root of ill health. I qualified in counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP and then continued working in the field. In search of further knowledge I returned to university to study Philosophy and Psychology and then proceeded to train in psychometrics for occupation and personality. I completed my formal training with a Master of Science in Psychological Therapies at the University of London in 2010.


We sat down for three sessions which I would describe as lifecoaching. The sessions were so non-formulaic and unexpected that I made much more progress than I ever expected to and the foundation was laid for transformation that I have continued to build on. Martin H.

County Clare (at a crossroads in life)

Working through Skype with a woman I had never met in person I have to say I was completely awed by the connection I felt and the empathy that came across. I resolved my own issues but the sounding board that was provided through these sessions was absolutely invaluable. Terry B.

Seattle (experiencing physical symptoms from business-related stress)

I brought my mother to see Fiona because I heard of her background. Mam was frail and her digestion was very poor. As it turned out Mam was coming to the end of her life. Fiona worked with us both and helped me to come to a point where I was able to give my mother a peaceful send off. Elaine McM

County Kilkenny (issues around major life changes in loved ones)

I’ve worked in the medical profession for 15 years or more and came across Fiona through a sculptor whose work I admire. I checked in with her in order to see what it was all about and found myself being more completely open and forthright than I had been in years. Since we began talking regularly I’ve worked to remove the barriers in myself that have kept me from a happy domestic life. Steve M.

New York (a history of caring for others without taking time for self)

Case Study

Isolde – hails from Cavan and came to see me in a last-ditch attempt to become well. A woman in her 40’s Isolde had a certain amount of paralysis in her left arm which was causing havoc in her life. Although she could just about manage to work she had lost the ability to play music and was becoming increasingly depressed. Classical piano had been her raison d’etre through two decades of her life and she was considered quite accomplished. Isolde’s GP sent her for various tests, including an MRI but no organic issues could be found. She was referred to a psychiatrist, she gave anti-depressants a try but in short, nothing worked. In the course of a session it emerged that Isolde had effectively raised her siblings because of her mother’s death at an early age and her father’s disability due to alcoholism. Later on, her brother committed suicide; that young man had ended his life at a time when his own son was 5-years old. After establishing that Isolde’s son was 5 when she became ill we began to look for more patterns:- Isolde felt terrible guilt that she was unable to prevent her brother’s suicide; when I asked her how she dealt with it at the time she said she was so upset that she just put it to one side. In fact she put it to her left side and that trauma emerged as a paralysis when her own child turned five. Of course identifying the cause was only the beginning of healing which involved a multi-disciplinary approach including physiotherapy. But importantly Isolde was empowered to heal herself through our therapy. We continued in therapy to address residual emotional issues. Isolde is paralysis free today and she reports feeling engaged and present in her daily life.

Consultation Pack (3 Sessions)         €200

Monthly Rate Available (broad access to include multiple sessions: Skype access; texts & email)

Discounts available for over 60’s

Psychometric Testing

Session 1 – Test taking and discussion
Session 2 – Results and analysis           Total Cost €150

Suggested Reading 

It’s All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness, (2016) by Suzanne O’Sullivan, Vintage:London [Wellcome Trust Book Prize]

The Illuminated Rumi, (1997) Coleman Barks (Translator) Broadway Books: New York

Meetings with Remarkable Men, (1979) by G.I. Gurdjieff, A.R. Orage (Translator) Routledge & Kegan Paul

The Holy Bible: NRSV with the Apocrypha, (2011 ed.) (anon.) Bruce M. Metzger (Editor), HarperOne

Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, (Paperpack Ed. 2004) by Dan Millman HJ Kramer/New World Library

Thinking Fast and Slow, (2011) Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science), Farrar, Straus and Giroux

The Enlightened Heart, (Paperback Ed. 1993) by Stephen Mitchell, Harper Perennial

Meditations, (2006) by Marcus Aurelius, M. Hammond (Translator, Notes), D. Clay (Introduction) Penguin Classics – First Published 180.

And just for fun!
The Skull Mantra, (2002) Eliot Pattison, Minotaur Books

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Phone: 087 8555504
Skype: fionawardtynan1