Fiona Brooks-Ward lived and worked in the U.S. for over 16 years, predominantly in Seattle, Washington; Big Sur, California and also in Manhattan, New York. Esalen Institute in Big Sur was the place where I worked and met with such luminaries as Fritjov Capra and Margaret Mead, the physicist and founder of the Feldenkrais Method, Moshe Feldenkrais and Stan Grof, a founder of the field of transpersonal psychology. My own journey into personal development took shape there as I learned about various therapies such as Gestalt as developed by the renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist Fritz Perls. Gregory Bateson was also a strong influence, not through therapies, but in the way that his work as a semiotician intersected other fields of human development such as social and behavioural sciences. Later in life my interest in communication was again re-booted through the work of Umberto Eco who proposed that every cultural phenomenon can be studied as communication. Armed with these various borrowed understandings I made my way to India to sit at the feet of a well-known Guru, to experience the various teachings through my own life application and eventually to develop my own personal philosophy.

My name modified to Fiona WardTynan due to a change in marital status and is the name by which I now practice. View the main page of my website!